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Kappa Pi Alpha Community Values

About Us

KPA is a community of students who choose to live a journey of:

  • discovering who God made them to be
  • studying Jesus’ life and asking what it means to be a follower of Jesus
  • dreaming of ways that they can fully live how God called them to live

Mission of KPA’s Management

Purpose:    To help students discover, develop and be mobilized in their God-given purpose.

Service:     To inspire students to use their gifts in the service of God and people in His name.

Hope:        To infuse students with hope and to help students bring that hope to the world through the love of Christ and his redemption of individuals, families, and nations.

We Believe

We believe in the scriptures, that Jesus is God made flesh, and that salvation is offered in His name by His sacrifice and resurrection to those who believe. We believe that the kingdom of God has come near and that God calls all people to repent and believe.

Heart of Kappa Pi Alpha

In the world butnot of it.

We want to love God and live together in true community, being of one heart and one mind, remembering not to isolate ourselves from the people around us that Jesus wants to reach.  We want to walk in humility, able to love people where they are at, while not being put off by the lifestyle issues of the world around us.

Peace, Joy, and Righteousness in the Holy Spirit

We are convinced that the Gospel produces the only true righteousness.  The atmosphere of KPA is about love and unity, not legalism and pressure. What makes KPA Christian is the Holy Spirit leading and forming our hearts. The heart of students living in KPA is to live a lifestyle of purity, in the freedom of Christ.  To foster wise lifelong habits we strongly recommend personal accountability relationships.  Meeting one on one with a mentor is also encouraged.  Our heart is to be available to encourage residents in their search for their calling in life and to live as Jesus lived.

Community Life

We have weekly family dinner on Sunday nights where we will eat together, have fun, discuss “housekeeping issues,” pray and share something from the Word. We recognize that Jesus’ followers will not agree on everything. It is essential and it is God’s desire that we do not judge one another over non-critical issues on which the Scriptures are not explicit.  As a member of Kappa Pi Alpha, you are expected to:

  • Embrace the Kappa Pi Alpha values and expectations described here.
  • Be involved in the weekly family dinners.
  • Be open to accountability relationships with the house managers and other housemates
  • Strive for an engaged attitude toward those living in the house.

Missional Life

As stated in the website, we believe that God wants to more fully develop KPA’s missional training calling.  We anticipate that different students will have different levels of involvement.  All students will be part of the Sunday night family dinners; some will be involved in the various opportunities described on the website, others with different ministries on campus.  We strongly believe that each can support and encourage the other and build strong Christian community.  We will seek to discover each student’s areas of interest during the application process.