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Kappa Pi Alpha is a community living house for young people with a heart for the church, social enterprise, and and a lifestyle of being and making disciples, located in a renovated fraternity building on the University of Minnesota campus.

Our location on campus makes KPA ideal for those pursuing university studies, though some come to KPA as a “next step” after college or short term missions. KPA is a place to prepare and launch into the next stage of God’s calling in your life.

A typical week for those living at Kappa Pi Alpha:

Most of KPA life is informal and initiated by the students… everything from late night prayer to movie nights or dance parties. The Weekly Commitments are basic, but important.

  1. Family Dinner on Sunday nights  (time of connection, announcements, vision and food)
  2. Weekly Chore (about 1/2 hour to help keep up the house)

In addition to these house-wide commitments, training elements are chosen by students based on their own need and desire:  U of M coursework, MacLaurin Fellows program, and potentially Social Entrepreneurial Projects.

KPA Life

KPA’s hope is to be a vibrant Christian community for residents while they transition through college years and into their vocations. Together we want to explore Christ’s call to us to be his disciples, individually and communally.

Ministry Life
KPA is not a substitute for a church family or another campus ministry, but we believe that living together is a God-given opportunity to practice “rhythms of grace”, or unhurried spiritual disciplines. Simply, this means learning together how to walk with the Lord in mission, in crisis, and in the day-to-day. Residents in the house sometimes start Bible studies, host prayer meetings, and lead service projects, and we’re also working on establishing house patterns for voluntary worship and prayer so nobody has to run this race alone.

Social Life
A rich part of living together is eating together. Weekly, we have family dinner that everyone in the house attends—it gets a little crowded in the kitchen!
We also have annual events such as a Fall BBQ, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Party and Spring Formal.
In addition residents have hosted parties, Christmas caroling, adventure Saturdays, and service opportunities. But more important than individual events, KPA is a community where people do life together, the mundane and the exciting.

Vocational Life
Historically KPA has been at the center of the launch of numerous ministries and social businesses, including Bordertown Coffee. Our founder, Greg Silker feels strongly about helping people get started in Kingdom applications of their gifts – that God gives each of us gifts that are crucial to seeing God’s Kingdom transform our world.

Training Opportunities
Anselm House aids KPA in deepening the connections between our faith and our vocation/work/education. And beginning in the Fall of 2017, we will be leading a Redemptive Urban Development (RUD) experience group in partnership with Anselm House’s Colin MacLaurin Fellows Program.

As Seg-Way Ministries establishes opportunities to help others in the cityCatalysis just being one enterprise—KPA will increasingly have opportunities to engage residents in ongoing projects and businesses, with plans to develop a creative and entrepreneurial network that KPA residents to have access to.  Greg and the house staff are always available to listen or give support to resident’s own vocational initiatives or ministry opportunities!

We believe opportunities like the RUD Fellows Program and these efforts in the Twin Cities are part of the culmination of KPA’s  “Purpose – Service – Hope” calling.

Do you want to be a part of this?

If you’re interested in applying, click here to learn about our Kappi Pi Alpha community standards and values.

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Live in Community. It’s good for your mental health.

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