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“Those who are being born again must wake themselves countless times every day.”

George McDonald

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My wife Barbara and I started KPA back in 2002 with a few friends.  We wanted to create a community where people learn how to live out of the profound love of God.  We also wanted a place where prepare for lives of service, which is the overflow of God’s love in us.

We are always available for coffee or prayer.  Do not hesitate to contact us.   Because I am a “starter” you won’t see me a ton around the house.  I’ll be off starting the next thing (or maybe just ADD).

I love the creativity of God, how he makes each one of us different, and gives us each a place in his amazing plans.  When we stop listening to the thoughts that undermine us (comparing, striving, medicating) and start listening to God, we become “present”  and often realize that he has been talking to us along along.

That, for me is when new ideas come…everything from visions and dreams to more concrete awareness of the needs  of the people right in front of me.

I work with my wife and kids  at Silker doing marine photo/film and aspiring to create movies.

and with Ameido, Tyree and Neng at Catalysis discovering and growing young talent.

My Story: How I met Jesus.

I love coffee, old jazz and good stories.

Favorite Authors…Lewis, Leanne Payne, Brennan Manning, Doris Kearnes Goodwin…

and Movies…manly epics like Cinderella Man and Gladiator, zany comedies like What About Bob?…and…shudder…movies with great characters like Jane Austen and Anne movies.

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