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Love + Honesty = Growth

We all need open and honest relationships with people who love and accept us – And – who encourage us to grow.

We long for those kinds of relationships.  But they can be hard to find – and easy to avoid.

Living intentionally helps us grow in our walk with God and in open honest relationships with one another.

One way to do that is with an LTG. AN LTG is simply two or three people getting together weekly to confess sin, read scripture, and pray for souls (you’ve got to use the old school words to get the three S’s). This can be a powerful way to grow as a disciple of Jesus by going deep with people from home, school, bible study, or your local church.

*  An LTG is great because it’s so simple, yet it reinforces the most important basics that  keep us alive, fresh and fruitful.  There is a great body of knowledge you can acquire about God.  But there are a few basic core disciplines that if you do them…you will grow and you will help others know him.
*  LTG’s are great because anyone can do them.  Brand new believers and “old hands.”
*  LTG’s are great because you can do them anywhere…with no big program or support structure…and they can multiply easily.
*  LTG’s are great because everyone in them benefits and no one person gets burned out doing all of the “pouring out.”  They teach mutual responsibility.

LTG’s are not about performance.  They are about remembering who we are in Christ.  They are an amazing opportunity to see God answer prayer and touch the people we pray for.  They are about dependence on God’s unfailing love…and on one another.

The name Life Transformation Group and the method format are from Neil Cole at  Church Multiplication Associates

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